5 Things About Visiting the Hospital for Non-Hospital People



Okay, I got “tagged” by Jon Swanson, and my assigned task in the game is to write this post.  Like Jon, I’m not much for playing these internet games, but since he picked an easy list for me to make, and a good list for folks to know, I’ll play along this time.

1.  Wash your hands before you go into the room.  And when you come back out of the room.  It’s for your protection and the protection of the people you’re visiting as well.  Don’t help bugs move around.

2.  Knock gently on the door before you go in.  You’re entering what small bit of privacy the patient has left, and announcing your arrival is the least you can do.

3.  Introduce yourself and tell why you are coming in their room, “Just coming by to check on you.”

4.  Ask if this is a good time to visit.  You may be able to tell from looking around the room that medical personnel are busy doing a procedure, but even if no one else is there, it may not be a good time from the patient’s stand point.

5.  Tell them you care, listen to what they have to say, don’t tell your stories about hospitals, and keep your visit short (unless they want to talk and have you listen).

Okay, time to pass along the tag:  Steve Tucker, 5 things we don’t know about farming; John Dobbs, 5 things we don’t know about Louisiana; John Little, 5 surprising things about mountain climbing; Joyce Davis, 5 reasons mommies need cruises; and Jeremy Barrett, 5 characteristics of good coffee.

  1. Tucker says:

    Jim, you are one of my favoritist people I have never met! I greatly appreciate your words as this is one area that I think is difficult for many people. How do you handle a situation for someone in the hospital? Thank you for sharing and I know many need to do what you so masterfully accomplish!

    As for your tag, thanks, I shall get on that this week!

    God Bless!

  2. Jon Swanson says:

    This is a great, clear, simple, useful list. Thanks.

  3. Jim Hughes says:

    I see that Jeremy has done his post: http://blog.jeremey.com/jeremeys_weblog/2008/11/five-characteristics-of-good-coffee.html

    Thanks. I learned something.

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