Is Christmas the Hardest Holiday of All?

A Christmas Present

A Christmas Present

I’m pretty sure that Christmas can be the hardest holiday of all for many people.

I think it’s especially true for folks that have lost a child or a spouse, and for those who are divorced or in the process of being divorced.

Why? Here are a few reasons I’ll throw out for your consideration:

  • Christmas is a season.  It’s not just a day that comes and goes.  The hype starts the day after Halloween, and builds to a frenzied pace beginning about the first of December.
  • There are obligations tied to Christmas that you really can’t avoid.  There are presents to buy, events to attend/host, and decorating to do.
  • Christmas is defined as “fun and happy.” We learn to anticipate fun and gifts and being happy as kids.  And all of this is associated with family.  We develop our own things to do and ways of doing them with those we love most.  So if they’re gone, whether through death or divorce, it’s not only not fun and happy, but we don’t even know how to do Christmas.

So what do you do if you’re in this situation?

The best that you can. You acknowledge that things are different.  You make some changes in how you celebrate Christmas.  And sometimes you have to act better to feel better.

What makes Christmas hard for you?  What ways have you found to cope?

  1. Peggy says:

    Christmas is hard this year because my Mom is in final stages of Alzheimer’s and is now living in a silent world. Every time I hear “The Christmas Song” it reminds me so much of her singing to me. Christmas is unavoidable and is all around us. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for people who have lost children. Simplifying things and saying “No” to parties and invitations is OK, too. But don’t lose sight of the true meaning and how blessed we are that God sent a son, Christ to lead by example and sacrifice His life for us!

  2. brian says:

    we have many hurting in our congregation.

    pray for my grandfather (lost daughter and son-in-law in December, plus wife 5 years ago, and grandson 7 years ago) and my aunt (lost brother in december 18 years ago, and mother about 30 years ago, father 15 years ago)

    brian’s last blog post..Official Blogprophet Calendar Auction for Charity

  3. nb says:

    Christmas is difficult because you have to deal with all of the family relationships. The relationships you wish you had, but don’t – and the relationships that you have, and wish you didn’t.

    Christmas is also a time that you start hoping and believing that things are going to get better. But it’s hard, because then Christmas is over and you’re disappointed to realize that things won’t really change at all.

  4. brian says:

    hey NB, wondered how you were? fancy meeting you here…

  5. nb says:

    “Hey”, right back at ya, Brian! :)
    You just never know who is hanging around in the blogosphere, do you?

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