Some Things I’ve Read This Week

Here is a good post on dealing with our current economic troubles.  While you’re on Jon Swanson’s 300 Words a Day site, you might want to look at some of the other excellent stuff posted this week!

Next is a post by Amy VanHuisen that talks about 3 Reasons Not to Panic When Listening to the Daily Economic News.  Amy’s writing is always thoughtful, and thought-provoking.

Here’s a post from my folksy friend Robert Hrusek that talks about what it feels like to be looking for a job.  Thankfully, Robert found a new job this week.

If you’re prefer a book, Mary DeMuth has a new one coming out, and here’s the trailer for it.  After you watch the trailer, you can also read the first chapter free online.

Finally, Kindle for iPhone came out this week. So I downloaded unChristian, which I’ve been planning to read for some time.  The reading experience is great, and it helps me get stuff read by being able to read anytime I have a few minutes since it’s on my phone.  (By the way, I recently read that 10% of Amazon’s book sales last year were for the Kindle.)

So what have you been reading that you’d recommend to me?

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