New e Book: Making Career Changes

My new e book, Making Career Changes, is now available for download in the side bar.

It’s not a how-to book per se, but more an explanation of how the hiring process and therefore the job seeking process work. It’s a series of blog posts I wrote several years ago when actively leading a job seeker support group as well as doing career change coaching.

For a how-to book, nothing beats What Color is Your Parachute.   In fact, you’ll see several references to it in my book, and some of my articles deal specifically with material from Parachute.

If you would like to use the material in a class or support group or in some other way, please note that although it is copyrighted, I have made how you can use the material without asking me permission as liberal as possible.

I hope you find it useful, either for yourself or for someone who is between jobs.

  1. Jim,

    Thanks! Just to be sure, it’s alright to email this to people who might need it, or should we direct them here?


    Barry Wiseman’s last blog post..Can You Hear Him, Now?

  2. Jim Hughes says:

    Thanks, Barry. It’s fine to email the downloaded email to people who might need it. I know that for some people that’s easier than coming to the site and downloading it. My goal is to get it into the hands of people who need it.

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