Paying It Forward: Who Can Use Your Support?

Paying it forward is a hot phrase these days, particularly in social networking circles.  Basically it means doing good works for others to repay the good that has happened to you.  (Read this Wikipedia article if you want more background.)

There are people you know who are going through a difficult season.  All of us know someone who’s between jobs.  You probably know someone who is providing care for a family member.  Likely, you also know someone who is dealing with a chronic illness.  And I bet you know someone recovering from a divorce.  Or someone grieving the loss of a loved one.

You may have been through one or more of these life seasons yourself, and had people demonstrate kindness that made a huge difference for you.  Or maybe you’ve been spared thus far from these seasons, but know, as we all do, that they will come.

How about meeting one of the folks you know who’s going through one of these times for coffee or lunch, giving her a call, sending a card, or offering some specific help that you’re aware he needs right now.

That’s paying it forward.

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