Chances Are Your Organization is Not Focused on It’s Mission


What's your target? Photo credit: Jake Vance (Flickr)

If your organization is focused on laying off people and cost cutting, then it’s not focused on your mission.  And neither are the people who work in your organization.  They’re focused on whether they will have a job or not.

Times such as we are in now seem to be consumed with organizations laying people off and focusing on cost cutting — you know, the serious expenses like coffee for employees and visitors, pens and pencils, paper, printer cartridges.  It’s crisis management.  And anyone who’s ever been there knows that when crisis management rears its ugly head, the organization and all of its members totally lose their focus on the mission of the organization.

Leaders seem to actually love crisis management.  It makes what they do seem so important — they’re “saving the organization” to fight another day.  But what happens in reality, is that on another day, the organization will not have the critical mass of talented people to continue to fight, to continue to do the mission.  And slowly but surely the organization will begin to decline, as it finds itself thrown back into crisis management again and again.

Organizations need to stay focused on their mission in times like this.  Providing healing care for people in their hospitals.  Providing reliable financial services to other businesses and to individuals.  Providing for reliable flows of materials and products.  If they don’t, someone else will rise and and do it in their place.

And organizations need to take care of their people, because their people are the ones who carry out their mission.  If they’re constantly worried about losing their jobs, the mission will suffer.  If they don’t have confidence that the organization’s leadership can lead the organization through the “crisis,” the mission will suffer.

When will we remember that our organizations exist to perform the mission, not merely to survive as an organization?

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