Hope Is Everything

Expression of Hope

Expression of Hope

I read a lot of posts this weekend that expressed in one way or another the hope of Easter.

Here’s one from my friend John Dobbs that retweets a post by @LongBeachMH about family being all together more often, and talking about the hope of Heaven.  Knowing some about John’s life, his added amen to the post says volumes.

I recognize that the central hope in my own life rests in the resurrection.  This life is not the end.  It’s the preparation for what’s coming.  And this hope is indeed precious.  Everything else in life flows from it.

Tomorrow as I visit folks dealing with cancer, I am aware that while we will  pray for healing, that the ultimate hope we share lies in the resurrection.

I can’t imagine my life without the hope of resurrection.  I can’t imagine how I’d deal with the pain and suffering I see in patients’ lives, much less how they’d deal with it.

This Easter, I’m thankful.  And tomorrow I’ll be thankful again.  Because hope is everything.

  1. John Dobbs says:

    Thanks Jim … appreciate your thoughts. Now how did you get that cool Twitter image on your blog! I often recommend your blog to others. Keep up the great work.

    John Dobbs’s last blog post..Wii Preacher

  2. Jim Hughes says:

    John — The image on the post is a screen capture from my iPhone. Just press both iPhone buttons simultaneously when you want to do a screen capture and the screen will flash briefly. The screen capture will appear in your photos as a jpg.

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