My good news is tempered by awareness.

Late Monday afternoon, we received really good news from Dad’s doctor.  The pathology report on the tumors and surrounding tissue removed from Dad’s bladder last week turned out to be a noninvasive, non-aggressive type of cancer, and it had been completely removed.  That means that he doesn’t need additional surgery or chemo or radiation and can just be checked every three months for reoccurrence.

As my daughter Sara said on hearing the news, “The quality of life just got better for all of us.”

We’re certainly rejoicing in this unexpected good news.  Our thankfulness is hard to even express.

But my joy and thankfulness is tempered by awareness of what is happening to others.

  • That same evening Eloise and I attended the viewing for a dear friend, spending some bittersweet time with his wife. They were like extra grandparents for our kids when they were young, even keeping all three to allow us a special trip to Amsterdam.  Less than a week elapsed between his cancer diagnosis and his death.
  • At the same time as our good news was being broadcast in our church’s prayer email, the news was also sent out that a friend’s mom diagnosed with lymphoma six weeks ago was going home with hospice care.  She passed peacefully last night.
  • I did chaplaincy rounds yesterday afternoon at M.D. Anderson, spending time with several people who have not received good news.

My awareness makes me realize all the more how special good news is, and it fuels my thankfulness.

My awareness also makes me more compassionate to friends and sojourners whose news is not good.

And I understand better that life is a bittersweet mixture of rejoicing with those who are rejoicing, and mourning with those who are mourning, and that both can be happening at the same time.

  1. Marlaina says:

    I love to hear good news! Especially when there is so much more bad news all around us. I believe we need a balance.

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