Perspective Is a Big Deal When Dealing With Fear

Perspective is a big deal, no matter what we’re dealing with in our lives.

Tweet About WSJ Article

Tweet About WSJ Article

For example, we can have cancer, and our perspective may be, “I’m dying of cancer.”

Or, we can choose to have a different perspective:  “I’m living with cancer until I pass.”

This example is from an article in today’s Wall Street Journal discussing a program for helping cancer patients deal with their illness.  While it’s dealing with cancer patients being able to find meaning for their lives in the face of their illness, it has a lot of value for those of us facing other challenges.  I highly recommend that you read it.

With cancer, nearly everyone’s biggest fear is dying.  But it’s usually unspoken, unsurfaced even.  Once it’s surfaced, the fear can be dealt with.  One can choose to adopt a perspective that gives life meaning and purpose, that takes control away from the fear.

But this principle is much more widely applicable.

Any chronic illness — heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and any of so many others — generates fears.  What if I have another heart attack?  What if I have to live in a wheel chair?  What if I …?

Your fear may not be from a medical condition, but from a situational condition.  What if I lose my lose the ability to live at the standard of living I’ve become used to?  What if I lose my job?  What if I …?

So what fears are you, or those you love, living with that haven’t been dealt with?

How could you, or could they, benefit from a change of perspective?

Worth some thought!

  1. Mike says:

    Our friend Edward Fudge passed this article along. I’m living with a form of leukimia and will until time to move on. We are to die once and once only per Edwards article today. I did that 40+ years ago when I brought Jesus in to my life. Once you have that then there is no need to fear death as you have been there done that.

    Do I fear some of the earthly things like continuing to support my family, keeping insurance, not finishing desired accomplishments, and even the process of what is to come? Sure I do, but I put it all in His hands each morning and go do what I can to get my part done and it works out fine.

    God Bless each one of us that is living through any of these diseases that we continue through with His strength, His hand in ours, and His presence flooding our very being.


  2. Jim Hughes says:

    Blessings to you, Mike, as you live with leukemia. Glad Edward passed the post on to you and that you stopped by and left a comment for us. Love your attitude and amen to your prayer.

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