It’s not me, it’s Who I represent.

An invitation to sit and visit

An invitation to sit and visit

The first week I went to visit this patient, he thanked me for coming by, but made it clear that he didn’t want to visit that day.

When I walked in the second week, he asked me to sit down, and he and his wife talked to me about a tragic event that had happened at their home the previous week while they were here in the hospital. At the end of the visit, I offered to pray with them, but they politely declined.

Today, I received a message that they wanted me to come see them. He had been released from the hospital last week, but was back with an infection and in ICU. This time as I entered the room, prayer was their main agenda.

It’s a reminder that my role is to just show up — to be a representative of God and His people. How individuals react to my presence any given week depends on their circumstances and their needs. The polite rejection I received the first week was no more about me than the request today that I come and pray.

But it is a reminder that it’s all about Him, the God who offers hope and comfort when we need it most.

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